Custom kukri _ The Famous Gurkha Khukuri House is a genuine and expert Khukuri producer and exporter and unique Khukuri house (FGKH Custom Kukri). One of our Unique quality includes producing custom Khukuri. The customer can choose various different styles of Khukuri and we can create a custom khukuri within the categories of Khukuri, engrave it change its handle or create a completely new Khukuri depending upon the customer’s interest. The FGKH Custom Kukri is for the customer to design their own style in kukri.

If you have any idea about the shape and size of the Gurkha khukuri? then, you can tell us. We will try to make the Gurkha khukuri that is of interest. We have a huge amount of kukri that is designed to buy the customer. The custom kukri is of different size and shape. If you are a kukri lover then this could be a huge thing for you. The image that you draw in the piece of the paper can come true. It’s like a dream come true to the Gurkha kukri lover. You don’t have to worry about the materials used in the custom kukri. We have been using the car-suspension while making the kukri.

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