Who we are?

We are a group of individuals with a passion for using and promoting Kukri. In DATE, Famous Gurkha Kukri House was founded with a simple vision- to build a Kukri you could use every day of your life.

Our Story

A decade ago, one of our founding friends was in the market for a quality Kukri knife. He got into a shop that sold knives made by local makers and took a look around. The materials and the finish looked decent, and the shopkeeper had been constantly pitching how durable the Kukri knives were. The handle, he explained- was full tang, and the blade, annealed and quenched, (which, to be honest, our friend, at the time, had no idea what it meant) was as strong as they got. Our friend was fascinated at hearing the specifications he didn't quite understand, and thinking it was a great investment, got an 11-inch Kukri knife.
Fast forward two months, the blade of the Kukri knife showed cracks in the handle.

The knife wasn't poorly handled or abused- we know, because our friend cared deeply for all of his tools- and he still has many tools that've been in great health for a long time. Less than another month in, the knife showed visible signs of poor fit between the blade and the handle. As it's not safe to use a sharp weapon that has a wobbly handle, he had to get a new one later. This incident was a common occurence in our village back then, and nobody thought much when a tool they bought had to be fixed earlier than they'd expected to. A dependable weapon, as a local maker explained, was priced highly because the process was strenuous and materials that went into it were expensive as well.

This made us realise that though there were many experienced makers who had been making Kukris for generations- a lack of quality materials, proper equipment and motivation must've been the culprits behind poorly made Kukris. It came as a shock because we had always believed that a Kukri made by Nepali craftsmen would be the best in quality and would be extremely durable. It was inevitable that this might tarnish the name of the Gurkha warriors who were famous for having fought with nothing but a Kukri.

Our Mission

We started out with a mission to produce durable and highest quality yet affordable Kukri knives that we, as descendants of the brave Gurkha, could be proud of. Lots of research and planning went into the vision of Kukri knives that not only look exquisite, but are incredibly durable and can be used for almost anything from cooking to chopping wood and hunting. Today, we provide a wide range of skillfully-made best in-class Kukri (along with custom-made ones) to our customers worldwide. We use sustainably-sourced raw materials that cause minimal harm to the environment. Our costs are comparatively lower as our production reaches the end-customer without any middleman. We believe that we reap what we sow, and as such, will never sell you anything at a price point that we, ourselves wouldn't be very happy to have. We know how costly shipping can get, so we have free shipping on all items that cost more than a 100$. It's highly unlikely that you don't like our services as we deliver only THE-BEST Kukri knives, but we also have a 30-day money back guarantee if, in case, you decide that you don't like our Kukris.

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