Add-ons for kukri knives, Swords and Blades: Accessories and Engraving

We give appropriate available add-ons on each available kukri/ knives, swords, and blades. The add-ons help to make the knives more practical and comfortable to use with its features and functions that we explain to you while buying the kukri. We provide the best customer satisfaction to fulfill the needs and demands of the people. The feedback of the customers has motivated us from the beginning to this time. We provide the add-ons at a reasonable price. We have different kinds of add-ons. They are as follows:
  • Classic Sheath: This is a classic sheath that is used since early modern to these days that gives a classic feeling while carrying the kukri. This is the sheath that gives traditional style to the kukri. These are made up of locally treated leather that requires a fixed process and a high level of skill. This homemade sheath reflects the exquisite and valuable item than just carrying a knife.
  • Decoration for Sheath: The decoration of the sheath is equally important for the fine-looking kukri and its cover. We give the proper decoration to the sheath. With these add-ons to the sheath, it is not just a cover but also a decorative item that catches the eyes. We provide the decoration for the tip and also the band that is artistically carved which gives an elegant look to the sheath.
  • Micarta Handle: We provide the Micarta handle which is stronger, grippy, and waterproof well that gives a fine look and is also durable. It adds great value to the function of a knife. Handles are the most important part of the kukri that helps to take a fine grip. This handle makes you comfortable to catch and gives a stylish look to the kukri.
  • Brass Fixtures: The brass fixtures help the knife to be rust-free and make the kukri be no maintenance at all. The Brass fixtures do not get rust and give a very attractive look. The thick brass plate is used in the fixtures. This add-on is available in limited kukris only.
  • Chisel Tip: The tip of the khukuri reflects its sharpness. This makes the kukri look attractive. The tip of the kukri is grinded in one side like a chisel that makes it strong and durable. This makes it more powerful and withstands the brutal stabbing.
  • Ridges in the Handle: The handle is the part that makes it hold and feel comfortable. The rings and ridges are made all over the handle to hold it simple and get a grip. It also provides a nice look to the kukri.
  • Black Chemical Coat: Black is the color that gives classic look. The high carbon steel helps the khukuri to get rid of the rusting. This prevents the blade from rusting and also gives an attractive look to the blade.
  • Carving in the handle: As the handle is the main attractive part of the kukri, we provide an artistic carving in the handle that makes it look more good. These handles are carved with various traditional patterns.
  • Cross badge in frog: The knife is more decorative when there is a cross badge in the steel. This gives a more attractive and artistic look to the khukuri.
  • Zipping in the Spine: The spine is the main part of the kukri. It is used for close cutting of things. The zipping helps to give it an extra look with the kukri. The zipping can also be used in twisting the wires.

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