Antique Bhojpure kukri Knife

Bhojpure kukri is one of the most remarkable village kukris from Nepal. It is a fascinating, strong build blade, and is popular amongst our sales products worldwide.
The exact details of these kukris never got the chance to be documented or sketched as they were used even before records were accumulated. Its estimated origin is in between 19-20th century although their real existence dates back to much earlier times. These are the modern version of old Bhojpures used by Kirants in Nepal in around 500 BC. They were longer and broader than the present ones. Originally these knives were worn with a sash. The main purpose for the creation of this model in the family of the kukri is to meet the daily needs and activities in modern times. So, it acts as a basic utility knife of Nepalese society.
In Nepal, kukris aren’t just a weapon; it’s a tool that goes handy on a day to day activities. The traces of this Antique Nepali, popular and multifunctional blade lies in the eastern part of Nepal. These are the most popular local production kukris from Bhojpur village. Bhojpur holds a popular ground in the production and history of kukris in Nepal. The daily domestic and livelihood activities of the farmers in Bhojpur are restricted without the use of this forged kukri. Farmers and natives in Bhojpur avail themselves with bhojpure kukri for any activity requiring a blade.
These are incredibly thick, well balanced, and heavy feeling blades although they just weigh around. The kukri is shaped like a curved knife, narrow near the handle, curving inwards and the blade is 12.5 inches in length with a handle of 5.5 inches. This is the perfect go-to kukri if you want to buy something sized authentic, classical, something that has a history behind it.
The handle size is perfect to make a firm grip on your hand. There’s a ring around the handle which prevents any slip of the kukri from hand. The total length of this kukri is 18 inches. It is dust resistant and corrosion-resistant. This kukri has a full polished blade and comes with a sharp edge and full tang design.
The handle of this knife is made up of Indian rosewood. The blade is made up of Highly Graded Carbon Steel and the handle with truck spring. The highly graded carbon steel is smelted, then forging of the steel is done and at last, it’s cut to the required shape. The rosewood handle provides a very comfortable and secure grip.
The hardness of the steel used in the spine is 22-25 RC, on belly 45-46 RC, and on edge is 58-60 RC.
The scabbard is a thin wood with a leather covering over it. It’s got a nice hand stitching on the back.

Bhojpure Khukuri is a must-have machete in all Nepalese households. Each kukri in the Famous Gurkha kukri house is hand-made by individual blacksmiths. It’s an amazing piece of our collection and one of the nicest and most reasonably priced ever offered. Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on such a masterpiece. It is also great to use for any kind of heavy-duty outdoor work or balanced indoor cuttings.
The handle is solid, fits perfectly on hand with a very comfortable grip. The safety band on the handle makes sure there’s always a distance between the hand and the blade to prevent any cut on hands. So, when you are working with this kukri you will get no cut for sure.

Usage of Bhojpure Kukri

The body and weight of this kukri are slightly denser and heavy which makes a perfect deep cut when swung for chopping or cutting. It can even be used as a kitchen knife; the balance is very firm to hold for cutting in food preparation as well. This Gurkha kukri is famous among tourists and knife collectors. This marvelous strong build blade even chops off hardwood so easily. There stands no chance for anything to stay safe from the swing of this blade. While using a bhojpure knife on woods it acts just as an axe to cut finely and with only a few chops. You won’t lose grip on the handle even when you are splitting or cutting hard objects. It is such an incredibly strong-built multipurpose tool that you can use both indoors and outdoors. A perfect replacement for axes to chop or split woods and logs, and a perfect replacement for kitchen knives to slice veggies and cut meat. The balance is outstanding when it comes to this multipurpose tool, you can easily handle it for any sort of use.
The blades won’t chip off easily even when hit against hard objects. The sharpness of this blade lasts intact for a long time. One properly placed chop from bhojpure kukri can easily cut straight through branches. A perfect only tool to keep in replacement of multiple other machetes, knives, and blades. While on travels and treks you can carry only Bhojpure kukri as your perfect companion for safeguarding and cutting-chopping purposes.Other general uses of having a BHOJPURE KUKRI are hunting, camping, skinning, fighting, decorative piece, military, and so on.
All in all, these are a great piece of history.

Beliefs and Tradition

In Nepalese society and long-run traditions, kukris have been auspicious religious items that happen to be used in every festival and ceremony. This kukri is often present in Nepalese heraldry and is used in many traditional rituals such as weddings, Dashain, and so on. It is used for the sacrificial purpose in Dashain where we sacrifice goats, sheep, etc in the name of god. With Bhojpure kukri, its big build blade makes the head rip off from the animal in one go. Such a way of ending an animal’s life through one fine kukri cut is considered the best way to die. This treasured bhojpure kukri is believed to bring great joy and prosperity around us. When gifted or bought a bhojpure kukri, it works as a safeguarding item against evil spirits and misfortunes. 
These kukris have a pleasant, attractive appearance and can be kept as a decorative statement piece in your collection as well. If you are into choppings and all, it’s a perfect-sized blade to keep excluding your hefty axes that are hard to carry along and requires massive strength forces to do chopping or splitting works.
This kukri is definitely the one to add to your collection. Dealing in the genuine kukri from the homeland of the Gurkhas made by skilled blacksmiths we have, we present you the most favorite kukri of workers, farmers and which is daily used in most kitchens of Nepal, Bhojpure Kukri. These kukris compose top-quality materials and hard work of hand-making in the traditional way. The highly polished blades with sharp edges make it long-lasting with an everlasting stylish look.
These give you optimal service and satisfaction in using an authentic product. Whether you are looking for a fancy-looking kitchen knife to give as a gift or to get yourself a heavy-duty machete for yard work, Bhojpuri kukri has it all.

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