Best Kukri knives for survival

Well, you probably didn't expect to see the Kukri Knife on a survival wish-list.
But rest assured- for a Kukri knife makes a great survival knife, and can help you get through almost anything.
The Kukri knife, with its curved edge, is an ideal choice for thrusting and making deep lethal cuts. The versatility, size and sheer strength you can get out of this fascinating weapons is distinguishable from other similar knifes. Not to mention, a Kukri is customizable, and comes in a wide variety of sizes, from small pocket knife ones to long axe/sword-like ones. A Kukri always comes with two smaller knives attached in the scabbard- a sharp-one Karda used for cutting and a blunt-one Chakmak used for lighting up fires. A normal Kukri is very durable and aptly suited for survival. Typically, the handle is made out of rose-wood or bone, and scabbard knife decorated with durable black leather from Water Buffalo, belt frog, and with the insides made out of wood- like a Kukri is traditionally made.
This specialty makes a 'Survival' Kukri knife for suited during outdoor-activities like camping, hunting, foraging and fishing.
In this article, we take a look at the best survival Kukri knives from Nepal.


Double Edge Chukuri Knife Survival Machete

Double Edge Chukuri knife is a specialized machete-like Kukri made at Famous Gurkha Khukuri House. Made by the skilled artisan in Dharan village, it has a perfect design matching finger grips comfortably, and is made out of the most durable materials available. The blade is fashioned out of beautiful high-grade Carbon steel, outsides of the scabbard made out of leather skin of Water Buffalo, insides of Pinewood, handle made up of rosewood & Water buffalo bone, and the materials affixed by Laha (traditional wood glue).
  It is a full-tang Kukri with a small hole on it that as a design feature. It can be used in chopping wood, bones and almost anything.
As the name suggests, it has a double edge which make it easy to use to make cuts from both sides. This makes it a versatile Kukri for trekkers as well.


 11-Inch Hand-Forged Blade Afghan Blocker Handle Kukri

The 11-inch Afghan Kukri issued for Afghan soldiers in the Afghan OEF mission, is one of the best hand-made Kukris from Nepal. Owing to its distinct form factor and extreme resilience, it serves as an ideal survival knife. The blade is equipped with high-grade Carbon steel. It has a Indian rosewood with two rivets and glued up by traditional Nepali glue called Laha. The scabbard is made up of water buffalo leather which is extremely durable under tough handling as well. It is also used as a tough trekking knife by Nepali porters and guides, further proving that it is a well-suited knife for survival.

10-Inch Blade Iraqi Kukri

As its name suggests, this Kukri is a 10-inch hand-made at Famous Gurkha Khukuri House, and was used in the Iraqi operation by the British Gurkha. It flaunts a beautiful Sadhan handle and a delicate cotton scabbard on the inside covered by an extremely durable Water buffalo leather.
It is quite a heavy Kukri, can deal great damage with minimal effort, and can be used to do tough works with extreme ease.
The unique and portable design of 10-Inch Blade Iraqi Kukri is instrumental in its use as a well-suited survival knife in hunting, setting traps, cutting meat, skinning, shaping and cutting wood, etc.


Survival Axe

Featuring the hybrid design between a traditional Kukri and a fearsome Axe blade, Survival Axe was conceptualized as the tough fierce weapon which, a trained person can use in any major combat to overpower enemies. The full-tang handle crafted out of the finest quality wood- solidly fixed to a razor-sharp blade that is both powerful and posh makes for an ultimate survival knife that seems to lasts longer than your lifetime.
It is a great choice if you are in the market for a knife that's uniquely yours. At Famous Gurkha Khukuri House, the fearsome axe is hand-made, and the wood grain, texture, blade materials, and the materials that make it the elegant tool it is- are precision fitted with fine attention to every detail; to ensure the best quality survival knife.

 Survival Knife

Survival knife is a unique and recent improvement of Famous Gurkha Khukuri House over existing designs of various Kukris, made suitable for tough handiwork- leading to a large variety of uses. Earlier versions of survival knife were often made from light-weight materials like bone, wood, ivory, etc.

It comes equipped with a very durable yet exquisite rosewood handle, and black leather scabbard crafted out of Water buffalo leather. Most striking feature of the Survival knife is just how versatile it is; it can be used for trapping wild animals, making sleeping camps out of wood/bamboo, making rafts, skinning, chopping off wood, finely carving wood, and in household activities.

Tactical Survival Knife

The Tactical survival knife Kukri, designed by Famous Gurkha Khukuri House and made in Dharan by expert-skilled artisans- reveals a graceful blade design that not only looks great but is also incredibly tough to match our proud heritage as aspiring makers of the best Kukris in Nepal. Our craftsmanship and superior choice of materials is what primarily distinguishes our awesome Survival knives from those of our competitors.
This Kukri flaunts an 11-inch high-grade Carbon steel blade, screw tang handle made out of a unique combination of Indian rosewood and water buffalo bone. We guarantee the best Tactical Survival knife Kukri, and for that purpose, a Certificate of Guarantee, Tag, and Lokta Paper is provided.

It can be used to chop wooden objects, carve designs onto surfaces, and is also suited to a wide variety of applications.
In adventure or war, a Kukri knife will help you the same. They are one of the best survival knives you can find. In addition to that, a survival knife from Famous Gurkha Khukuri House is custom made, with considerations to its use in tough conditions; as a result, these survival Kukris feature specialized shapes and alignments that lead to ease in laborious use. So stop holding your horses and see for yourselves why our customers love our authentic products.

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