Best Kukri Machetes

Kukri is a world-famous machete. It comes from the original Nepali word Khukuri. Everyone knows the bravery-filled tales of the strong Gurkha warriors. With courage carved into their body and soul, they would fight against heavily equipped enemy soldiers, with just a bare kukri in their hands. Their deep history is synonymous with the kukri. You can say they carved the history with bloodletters using the kukri. Forged by the master bladesmiths, Kukri has a unique design to it. With an ax-like structure, these curved blades with grippy handles have some weight to them, the weight of history it carries with it. It was the enthusiasm and vigor with which they fought epic wars that made them always victorious. Also, their skill with the finely made kukri was essential.
You may be a collector of ancient relics, the pioneer of wars, or just want a blade for regular usage involving hunting and chopping, these Kukri will serve you for all the purposes. Let's get you a perfect Kukri. Before going deep into the items, know that all these arrive with the Certificate of Guarantee, Tag, and Wrapping Lokta Paper. In case you desire something more customized, with a personal design factor and bits of uniqueness, you can contact our master bladesmiths directly. You can discuss the requirements, designs, everything, and have it made just for you.

10 inch Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Issue Kukri

This kukri is made from industrial-grade tough steel generally used in the spring leaf of cars, jeeps, etc. Highly graded carbon steel made from refining the ore gives this kukri its high durability. This kukri's beautiful handle is made from richly-hued rosewood. The scabbard has an exterior layer, and another separate interior layer as well. Refined buffalo leather makes the exterior durable as well as stops moisture from entering. This scabbard has pinewood on the inside, which is known for its lightweight and elasticity. Nepali Traditional glue known as Laha puts it together. This kukri is available for sale at just $140. Get yours now from here.

13 Inch Antique Kukri

These Antique Kukri are of great historical significance. We provide authentic kukris passed down through generations. This Antique Kukri features a 13-inch unpolished blade. Its signature look comes from beautifully crafted Indian Rosewood on the handle. Similarly, this one features a scabbard made from winter buffalo skin on the outside and pinewood on the outside. These Antique kukris are the collector's item. These quite old kukris are relics of the past and of high value. Display it along with other collection items. This kukri is available for sale at just $500. Get yours now from here.

14 Inch Balanced Kukri

Widely known as Budhune kukri, it is one of the oldest kukri made in Nepal. Balanced here refers to the balance maintained by the blade when kept in scabbards. Its blade does not touch the pinewood on the inside. Its exterior is made from refined leather which comes from water buffalo. It has a curved tip and a beautiful design. It comes with a utility knife sharpener called Karda and Chakmak. This kukri has 14 inches of blade, 6.5 inches rosewood handle, and comes with a hardness of 22-25 RC at the spine, 45-46 RC at the belly, and 58-60 RC at the edge. You can display it or use it normally, your choice. This kukri is currently available at a discounted price of $200. Get yours now from here.

10 Inch wooden sheath Chitlange Kukri

Chitlang is a small town based in Eastern Nepal. Being originated from that town, this kukri is named Chitlang. It means belonging from Chitlang. People from there are known for their artistic crafts. This 16.5-inch kukri is highly decorated. Its highly decorated handle is made from Indian rosewood. The scabbard is also filled with decorations. This kukri is not meant for use, but decoration. But it can chop meat with ease, so you can depend on it during needy times. This kukri is available for sale at just $131. Get yours now from here.

24 Inch 6 Chira Large Mother of Kukri

This kukri has some weight to it, about 2.613 kgs. It has a handmade 24-inch unpolished blade, and a 9-inch bone handle. The blade is made from highly graded carbon steel (leaf spring 5160). This blade contains a total of six layers (chira). Being of the royal class, this kukri is made tough, and different. During manufacturing, this blade is beaten more times than normal blades. This gives this kukri its hardness. Among chirawal kukris, Shree 6 Chira is the most sought after. So consider this as one of the best kukri available. This kukri is available for sale at just $319.99. Get yours now from here.

14 Inch Full Tang Cherokee Kukri

Full Tang Cherokee Kukri features a 14 inch long unpolished blade design. It has a beautiful looking design, due to its handle. The handle is made up of rosewood and bone. First, the two are glued together in place with Nepali-made Laha glue. The handle is later locked in place with four rivets to ensure long-lasting durability. Its blade is made from highly graded steel (carbon steel 5160). Similarly, its scabbard is made from buffalo leather and rosewood. This kukri is currently available at a discounted price of $294.43. Get yours now from here.

5 Fuller Dhankute Kukri

Dhankute Khukuri are the most sought after kukris. This is due to the genuine quality of production and excellent craftsmanship. Dhankute kukri gets its name from Dhankuta, which is a small city in eastern Nepal. For a long time, this kukri has been used for daily normal activities. It assists in chopping up vegetables, meat products, bones, trees, woods.. You name it, it chops just as fine. This generational improvement has made this reach its optimum quality. Its blade is made from steel, leaf spring 5160. The handle as well as the scabbard is made from winter buffalo's horns. With a strong blade build, this kukri also comes with Karda and Chakma to sharpen the kukri. So you can enjoy the kukri for a long time. This kukri is available for sale at just $349.99. Get yours now from here.

11 Inch Eagle Dragon Kukri

Eagle Dragon is the native American eagle. It is the symbol of the United States. Thus, making this collectible item popular among kukri collectors. It is made from highly refined carbon steel. It gains its toughness through the continuous beating process, and the tampering was done with water. Its guard will keep your hands away from any misfortunes. It has a full tang handle that makes it easy to use with a good grip. This handle is made from buffalo bone along with Indian rosemary and has a dragon shape. This kukri is useful for chopping wood, dicing meat, and similar. Or, you can share this as a gift. This kukri is currently available at a discounted price of $144.87. Get yours now from here.

Sirupate Kukri

Originating from Dharan. This blade is beaten so many times, during the forging process. This process makes it super durable and reduces weight also. Sirupate kukri comes equipped with a handmade 13 inches blade. It features a beautifully crafted screw tang handle and finely made scabbard. Its handle has the same support as the kukri from the past. So you can carry the history along with you. The scabbard has pinewood on the inside to keep the blade safe and water buffalo skin on the outside. This kukri is perfect if you are looking for a light, durable, and very sharp one with some history attached to it. It is quite reliable and it chops well. This kukri is available for sale at just $199.99. Get yours now from here.

10 Inch Special Ganjawal Kukri

This relatively light kukri weighs just 0.8 kgs. Ganjawal kukri was made originally in far Eastern Nepal in the Ganjawal village. Thus, its name. It comes with a very strong highly graded steel blade, that can cut anything from wood, to even the bone. It has a full tang wood handle that goes through the blades, giving you a well-locked handle. This lightweight kukri makes it easier to swing around. It packs all the features you expect from a kukri like strength, history, sharp blade with added lightweight to it. This kukri is made well, if you have keen eyes, you will be amazed by the details. This kukri is available for sale at just $129.99. Get yours now from here.

11 Inch Historical Kukri

This kukri strives to deliver you the best kukri and achieves it quite well. This kukri has a distinct historical vibe to it. Made in the same size and designs as the historical item, it gives you the exact looks as past kukris. Its total length of 17 Inches is divided into the blade and 6 Inches of rosewood handle. It is made from highly graded steel. With its full tang blade, you can chop through vegetables. You can also chop through wood and bones with the same ease. Not only is this unit strong and looks stunning, but it also comes at just 900 grams in weight. This makes it suitable for normal use as well as hunting. This kukri is available for sale at just $129.99. Get yours now from here.

Farmer Hunting M.K 4 Kukri

Here we have a kukri made just for hunting. It is a full tang kukri and it can exert enough force to chop goats or any animals in just one swing. It comes with a 12 inches semi-polished blade and 4.5 inches of Indian rosewood handle. This is made from 5160 RC spring, which is the best steel that can be used in kukri. This handmade kukri has its scabbard made from pinewood on the inside along with water buffalo leather on the outside. This 18.5 inches piece is a must-have hunting tool. This kukri is available for sale at just $149.99. Get yours now from here.

10 Inch Blade Iraqi Kukri

This Iraqi Kukri performs well in any situation with its heavy-duty blade. It is the same blade that was used by British Gurkha during Iraqi Operation. In addition, it comes equipped with a full tang gripper and blocker handle. Its deep gripping handle is made of white Sadhan wood which gives the handle a light texture. The included blocker gives your hands protection. It comes with a unique type of scabbard made from cotton and water buffalo leather. Karda and Chakmak are included as well. These are small knives, Chakmak is used to sharpen the blade and Karda is sharp enough to remove animal skin and hair. This kukri is available for sale at just $139.99. Get yours now from here.

Jung Bahadur Kukri

This kukri is made to look similar to the one used by Junga Bahadur Rana, the founder of the Rana dynasty. It also has a long, metal handle. You will feel the grip being very similar to a sword. The blade itself is made from highly graded carbon steel, leaf spring 5160. It has refined water buffalo leather on the outside of the scabbard, and pinewood on the inside held together with traditional Laha glue. Going from its looks, this kukri has great historical significance. This makes a fine collector's item. This kukri is available for sale at just $189.99. Get yours now from here.

Ladies Knife Wooden Handle Kukri

The correct term for a kukri used by women is Khurmi. This kukri is used extensively by ladies for their wood and bone chopping. It comes with an engraved steel blade crafted with beautiful designs. This looks very attractive. Its scabbard is made from pinewood mixed with rosewood. The rosewood handle is slim and streamlined for normal use. Its richer look comes from the use of brass, both in its handle as well as the scabbard. Ladies will find it quite useful. This kukri is available for sale at just $134.99. Get yours now from here.

Service No. 1

Everyone knows about service no. 1, as it is the standard kukri issued to all new Gurkha recruits. It is practically an essential weapon carried by British Gurkha soldiers, Singapore police as well as Gurkha Reserve units stationed at Brunei. This speaks volumes about its build and usage. It has a 10 inches long blade made from highly graded carbon steel. By kukri standards, the blade is quite sharp. It also has a sheath that is made from cotton and pinewood, covered by refined water buffalo hide. It includes a 5 inches long handle made from buffalo horns and everything is packed together using Laha glue, which gives an overall bind to the kukri. This kukri is available for sale at just $119.99. Get yours now from here.

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