Best Tactical Kukri knives

Though conflicts with Kukri are less common nowadays as we are in a peaceful era, one of a kind tactical knives are in high demand from hobbyists, historians, and anybody who wants to get their hands on the improved combat-ready version of the noble Kukri. A tactical Kukri is referred to as the specially-made Kukri knife that is suited for hand to hand combat. A Kukri is always a deadly weapon even if it isn't of a tactical variety- it can still deal a lot of damage and heavily injure anybody on short-range fights.
Unlike mass-produced ones, tactical Kukri knives are hand-forged out of the strongest materials by best artisans from Dharan village, with a keen eye for the blade design, enhanced grip, and overall comfort in handling, all of which serve a crucial role in ensuring superior performance in fights, as well as everyday use. A tactical Kukri knife is primarily intended to be used for combat activities. Its use is not only limited to rigging, cutting ropes and inflicting deep cuts on hard surfaces, but is also very commonly used as a substitute for a regular knife for all kinds of tasks.
This short article is a glimpse at some of the best Tactical Kukri knives from Nepal.

10 Inch Commando Tactical Knives

The irresistible 10 Inch Commando Tactical Knives is designed for combat and survival for the military personnel. It is made up of High-grade Carbon steel from car and jeep leaf springs for the blade, water buffalo leather for the scabbard (outside), pinewood for the insides of scabbard, water buffalo horn for the handle, and binded using Laha (traditional glue). The blade is hand-forged under extreme conditions to ensure its exceptional performance. As such, it is one of the sturdiest Kukri knives in production. In addition, it can be used for a multitude of other functions as well.
The Commando Tactical Knife shows off its unique chopping blade, a carving blade, and a pounding area, all of which are specific in their functions. It can chop, split, carve, score, scrape, notch, and drill wood and bones with ease. To prevent injury to the user, it also has a blocker handle. As a weapon ready for weapon, it can be used as a hand-knife, or it can be latched onto a staff for use as a spear. It can also be used for skinning animals and being the versatile knife it is, you can virtually use it in place of any knife.

Tactical Survival Knife

The 11-inch elegant Tactical survival knife Kukri designed by Famous Gurkha Kukri House  has a slender graceful design that, in addition to the cool aesthetics- also serves its primary purpose as a weapon for use in tough conditions. Precisely hand-crafted after many improvements, it is highly-suited for outdoor activities, as well as, in short-range hand to hand combat. It features a high-grade Carbon steel blade fitted onto a screw tang handle made from a combination of Indian rosewood and water buffalo bone. It's form factor, the blade design, and handle size, all make it a powerful tool, and as such, it's utility ranges widely, from inflicting severe cuts on enemies- to  just chopping trees, hunting animals or everyday work.

10-Inch Gurkha Fighting Kukri

The astounding 10-inch Gurkha Fighting Kukri features a razor sharp balanced blade. The blade is also skillfully polished, to the degree that you can see your face reflected. Made in the eastern parts of Nepal by highly proficient craftsmen, it is one of a kind knife suited very well to combat.
It is heavier than other knives, and has one side of the blade thicker- allowing a user to achieve an axe-like thrust. The other side is made razor sharp to provide it a sword-like cut. The curved body helps make devastating deep cuts on hard surfaces. It is a lethal weapon to have for a combat.
The design of Gurkha fighting kukri is said to have been influenced by household sickles and bent boomerang shaped sticks.
In a nutshell, a tactical Kukri knife, apart from being the well-known fighting knife capable of inflicting destructive blows, is an intimidating piece of craft due it's durability and well-fleshed out design, suited for decorations.

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