Making of Best Khukuri in Nepal

The art of Khukuri making has been passed down generations to generations. A very talented groups of people known called Bishokarma or Kamis have been making Khukuris for centuries and renowned for making of  best khukuri in Nepal. Their excellent craftsmanship has been passed down from their ancestors for a long time. It is one of the oldest and famous craftsmanship among the Kamis. Till this date more than 15000 Kamis have been known to be involved in Khukuri making. One of the famous places for Khukuri manufacture in Nepal is Dharn located at the eastern region of Nepal.

The steps involved in Khukuri Making:

Weighing :

The first process of  Khukuri making is to get Surplus Steel, which in case of Nepal is imported from India. It is then taken to the factory located in Sunam Marga, Dharan. The steels are examined for punctures and cracks; after they pass the initial examination they are then transferred to the weighing room to measure the weight. The initial weight of the steel is supposed to bigger than the final since there is remarkable weight loss during the Khukuri making process.

Hammering the steel:

After the Steel has been checked for defects they are then transferred to a hot oven where they are heated and then hammered until the steel resembles shape similar to that of a Khukuri.

Shaping the Khukuri :

The typical shape of Khukuri is attained in this step where a small hammer is use to pound the steel until the Khukuri has its form.
Testing the strength of the blades: Using the locally manufactured home made chemicals the hardness of blades are measures, also the blades are subjected to hammering to test the strength.

Making the handle :

The  handle of Khukuri is made up of buffalo bone or hardwood, Rosewood, Bones and even metals. They can also be custom designed as per the wish of the buyers.

Polishing the Khukuri :

The Khukuris are subjected to polishing which will make the blades smooth and Shiny
Making of the Scabbard : The scabbard are made up of wood and leather
Final touch : Here the Khukuris are evaluated and re-polished if anything has been left behind.

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