Buying a Kukri In Nepal

On a recent visit to Nepal I wandered off into the sub roads of Lazimpat, I was thinking of Buying a kukri in Nepal and I happened to reach a Khukuri shop, right at the heart of Lazimpat on Radisson way.

Inside the Kukri Shop Nepal

I went inside to have a look, I had heard a lot about Khukuri’s back in the states, read a lot about the bravery of the Gurkhas and about the Khukuri itself but never seen a live one! I went inside the shop and was amazed by the diversity of Khukuri that were on display. I had thought that Khukuri, as I had seen in photos, a traditional one! But I learned that there are various types of Khukuris which are beautifully and elegantly handcrafted by a family of swordsmiths who has been making Khukuri for centuries! The shop keeper was very friendly and he told me all about the khukuri that there is to know. He ordered a cup of coffee and started telling me about the history of Gurkha’s, Khukuri’s, and how the Khukuri is made. I was overwhelmed by learning about all those things that he taught me.

History about Gurkha Kukri

According to him, the Khukuri might have originated or adapted from early blades used by Alexander’s army which was called Kopis. It was adopted in India during his visit, later on, a Saint Named Gorakhnath gave the Khukuri to his displace named Bappa Rawal who happened to conquer a village in Nepal, now famous by the name of Gorkha. Then the Disciples of Gorakhnath started to live in the village and hence it was called Gorkha and the inhabitants Gurkhas. The Khukuri and Gurkha’s came into light during the Anglo war, where scores of British tried to attack Nepali land and failed at the hands of brave Gurkha who’d rather die than face defeat. After that display of bravery, the British started to recruit Gurkhas to serve for the British army. And the legacy of Khukuri lives on.

About the Famous Gurkha Khukuri House

The shop I visited, Famous Gurkha khukuri house is one of the best Khukuri shops in Kathmandu, which is highly recommended if you are thinking of buying a kukri in Nepal. It Located in a prime location, Lazimpat, very easy and accessible. The shop sells very genuine and good quality Khukuris. Not only that, they have customized various types of Khukuris, unique Khukuris to their shop only.

Buying a Kukri in Nepal: My Experience

For instance, I bought two Khukuris one was traditional Nepali style historical Khukuri called “Itihas” which means history and another a very famous and beautiful Khukuri, actually a Chukuri, A khukuri is one with blade on one side but a Chukuri is one with sharp edges in both side. The one I bought was an American eagle Chukuri, with a modified serrated upper edge which is called American Eagle ,Dragon Chukuri. I love the Khukuri, and the friendliness and warmth that you receive as a costumer in FGKH is awesome! If you ever come to Nepal and look for Knives don’t forget to visit Famous Gurkha Khukuri house, Lazimpat! Im very happy with my product and extremely satisfied! The khukuri’s shine in my shelf back here in states.


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