Different Kukris by Weight, Length: A Guide

A weapon that inscribed its name in the flesh in bloody letters, that instilled fear into the heart of its enemies far heavily equipped, and one that single-handedly represented the audacity and sentiment of Nepalese in the global canvas of war. A blade our ancestors wielded with intent as sharp as its edges. A symbol that endowed strength to one generation; pride to another.

A kukri is more than a regular knife. Its sharp and curved edges highlight the never-fading spirit of the Nepalese people. Yes, you no longer buy a kukri to go to war but it’s always connected with matters of bravery and pride. This article is dedicated to portray different available kukris in terms of their weight and length and also to discuss which one would be the best fit for you. Let’s get started.

11 Inch Brown Gripper Gurkha Afghan Kukris:

Gurkha soldiers were involved in the war in Afghanistan for a long time. Following the framework of Angkhola kukri, this kukri replicates the one used by Gurkha soldiers in the Afghanistan war. With a rosewood handle and crafted finger grip, this kukri offers maximum stability and grip during fights though the edges are a little blunt in comparison to the original ones. The handmade blade is 11 inches long and crafted with high-quality Carbon steel (leaf spring 5160). The blade is unpolished with 58-60 RC hardness in the edges. This kukri is currently placed at 120$. So, this would be a perfect match if you save some cash. It also comes with a Certificate of Guarantee, Tag, and a Wrapping Lokta Paper.

6 Inch Itihas hand-forged kukri:

This kukri has a 6 inches long, unpolished, and custom blade and weighs about 1 Kilogram. The blade is made up of highly graded carbon steel extracted from leaf springs of Jeeps and Cars. The handle is premium, 4 inches long made of quality rosewood, and glued to the base with the help of traditional Nepali glue called Laha. This kukri is short and light as compared to the myriad of others in FGKH. The total length of a kukri is about 10 inches. The inside of the scabbard is made of Pinewood and wrapped by refined leather of water buffalo. This kukri is a must-have for anyone who wants to hunting or camping.

Historical Sirupate kukri:

This Kukri is an authentic product from the Famous Gurkha Kukri House. It showcases a 13 inch long and unpolished blade. This Kukri is totally handmade and comes with a 5 Inch horn screw tang handle. The total length of this Kukri is 13 inches with a 4cm belly. This Kukri originated in East Nepal, Dharan-to is specific. The ‘Historical Sirupate’ is famous for its lightweight and sharpness. Users have many good things to say about how comfortable and convenient it is to wave this blade around. This was designed in FGKH and comes with the hologram of the same for authenticity. Any purchase of this Kukri also entitles the buyer to a Certificate of Guarantee, Tag, and a Wrapping Lokta Paper. With Ricaso of 3.5 cm and thickness of 4mm, Sirupate Kukris are one// of the best from Dharan. So, if you need a lightweight, high-quality, and reliable knife for hunting or kitchen works, this one is highly recommended.

Gurkhali Kukri:

This Gurkha Kukri flaunts a simple and beautiful design with a 15 inch sharp and long blade constructed with high-quality 52100 Carbon steel. The production of this kukri was started during the unification of Nepal and has been widely used for many purposes since then. The total weight and length of this kukri sits at 53.5 cm and 1.3 Kilograms respectively. The handle is 15 cm long with a rat tail tang design. The material used for the construction of the handle is Rosewood which also encompasses a brass bolster. The hardness of the steel is approximately 8.5mm. The fat belly sheath gives a rational and heavy look to the kukri.

Historical World War Kukri:

This is another authentic product from the FGKH. This Kukri was made as a tribute to the brave soldiers who fought in World War. By resampling the historical knives, this one features a 13 inches long, unpolished blade. The total length and weight of this particular blade sits at 19 inches and 908 grams respectively. The material used for the construction of the blade is highly graded Carbon steel 5160 and the belly is 5cm long.

Any purchase of this Kukri also entitles the buyer to a Certificate of Guarantee, Tag, and a Wrapping Lokta Paper. The highlights of this Kukri are its Silver design at the two ends of the scabbard and leather in between. The price is currently set at 200$, available here. The blade of this kukri extends almost to its handle. So it also offers convenience in chopping woods and branches.

Gurkha blades are heavy because they carry the weight of history. They are one of the first deadly blades that go before centuries. It is an honor for anyone to carry this majestic blade. Maybe that’s why kukri blades are so loved among collectors and users equally. 

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