Highest Quality Handmade Kukri

A Gurkha knife is a curved single-edged knife, used by the Gurkha army for official carry, war, and usage. Anytime you have a conversation about the traditional handmade kukri, it elicits an emotional response.

The kukri is also popular with the Gurkha knife name for the flesh and blood relation between this blade in the hand of the Gurkhas. The original name for kukri is spelled Khukuri which was later westernized with “Kukri” in many European countries. The kukri is widely used in Asian countries as a utility tool for everyday activities while it is also used by Gurkha regiments as a standard issued knife in the British, Nepal, and Indian armies. It is extremely popular throughout Southeast Asia and England. Kukri knife continuously serves as a melee weapon and utility knife of choice throughout India and Nepal and the surrounding countries. The size of a kukri knife is in middle between a large knife and a small machete.  This bladed multipurpose weapon is shaped the way it is for maximum force chopping, hacking, slashing, and stabbing. Regardless of whether you are chopping wood vines using them as a utility tool or weapon, the kukri is the best of all the knives you can get. 

These are really cool blades to run through paces and rip apart woods and fleshes into pieces on one slash. The Gurkhas are popularly known as the bravest soldiers of the world. These were used to be the primary weapon for the Gurkhas during wars in the late ’90s but now many other machine weapons are replacing the original kukris as per time and demand. Even though, we can still see kukris as a must-have weapon for the Gurkha army and many British battalions. They are also widely used in ceremonies to perform dance and sacrifice animals on temples. 
Kukri and Nepal

The rich history-filled blade originates from the land of the Himalayas. One of the world’s oldest, iconic handmade blades originated from Nepal is the Kukri. The kukri is a downward curved blade having a rich history from the hand of Gurkhas to the land of wars beginning from 1918. The kukri dates back even before Nepal was united as a country and its current shape dates back to the 1500s or earlier. It holds a special place amongst the knife collectors and users all around the world. The early Gorkhalis who later became known as the Gorkhas of the Gurkhas “bravest of the brave” “generous of the generous” were the bold users of the kukri in wars. From the small kingdom of Gorkha, along the Himalayas to the borders of Kashmir and Bhutan. The Gorkhas conquered large lands with the power of the kukri.

The first documented record of the use of kukri dates back to 1814. A war between the Gurkhas and the British East India Company occurred in 1814-1816 that’s when the kukri started to get recognition and value amongst other nations. It also marks the start of Kukri's service to the British govt. 
Kukri is a world-famous blade running and competing with many new inventions and still exceeding the feature of usefulness and effectiveness amongst the wide range of machetes of the world. It is also famous for its long-lasting life and strong build body. The kukri knife made in Nepal has genuine and authentic elements forged by skilled craftsmen and blacksmiths. Famous Gurkha kukri house provides kukris with wide varieties which are optimal for every situation.
Skilled Makers
The groups of skilled blacksmiths from Nepal who have been engaged in kukri making for decades now are a close-knit part of our company. They are also called born kukri makers as they have the inborn inherited quality of kukri making from their ancestors. Bishwakarmas, Kamis are the renowned kukri makers of Nepal for generations. They hold the expertise, perfect knowledge, and are true devotees of this art form.
Features of Kukri Blade
The metal used for the blades is made up of 5160 steel which is also called as spring or suspension steel. In the local Nepali market, the steel is called spring Patti.

Why spring Patti?

The spring Patti, 5160 metal comprises of high carbon steel which is mainly used as spring steel for 4,6,8 wheeled vehicles. That means this steel is very strong and durable and can go for long use before it distorts its shape. They are widely used for other infrastructural and construction purposes as well. This suspension steel has a 0.60% carbon composition. These metals are durable as well as easily available in the markets of Nepal that’s why the pricing of authentic Nepali kukris from us is relatively lower than any other kukris around the world.

The required shape and thickness of the blade are perfectly attained with this steel’s use. They are forgeable, the shape can’t be bent easily once the making is finished. 
Why our handmade kukri?
With these long years gone from the origination date of the kukri, many techniques have been adapted and invented to make the kukri-making process easy and less time-consuming. There are heavy machineries used from molding the blades, sticking the handles to making the sheath. A kukri made from the machine is available everywhere and relatively way cheaper than the handmade ones. Here, a good product comes worth the price, if you buy the cheaper ones, you won’t be able to care for it for a long time or even use it. Machine-made kukris are fragile and the overall body parts attached come off easily with few uses.

On the other hand, a handmade kukri takes a lot of hard work, hammering, and forging process to make sure the body structure is of perfect shape as the ideal kukri shape. The forging and hammering make a kukri durable and heavy. The handwork used to stitch the parts and join them together will not come off even after thousands of uses. The sheath itself is always intact and rigid.

Hand making process of the kukri is the primitive way of making a kukri which is still running in Nepal. The price you pay for these authentic handmade pieces is worth the price and you won’t be compromising the quality for sure.
Kukri body
The thick, fat spine of the kukri is a must for fulfilling its main purpose of existence that is thrusting, hacking, and whacking. The thick spine helps to give an excellent lethal swing and chop across the surfaces. They make the cutting work quick with less force. The hammering process used to make the spine also makes it strong and provides substantial weight to put an impact on use. The blade curves to the opponent and the center mass allow you to chop while you slice.
World’s Best Kukri
We have a wide variety of exclusive designs in high-quality antique, traditional, and modern Kukris. Perfect fitting, finishing, tang, and the grip assembly determine the actual authenticity of the product, whether it’s worth your time and money or not. 

The most important factor while choosing any kukri is the use you want to make of it and if the quality really is up to the level. The use falls under the realm of personal preference; all you need to precisely look after is the genuineness, authenticity, and rigidness of the blade. In general, all kukris vary in blade size from 10-12 inches, the weight for a normal kukri must be in between 500-700 gms. A light-weighted kukri is of no use as it won’t be able to make deep cuts or thrust on objects while a heavy kukri won’t be handy for all in general. Our kukris are in perfect shape with perfect length and weight to sit comfortably on your hand.
High Quality
It requires long years for one to be perfect in the kukri making and making one is a long and laborious process. It requires a lot of patience for one to excel in this skill. Every single detail is engraved with hand and properly inspected. The choice of handle, blades to the sheath, everything is done using best of raw materials available. One kukri from us can last you a lifetime and you can even hand it down to your children and grandchildren. Not the same resources for the product are available everywhere which makes drastic changes in the quality. We are privileged to serve the highest quality handmade kukris from Nepal. We are the manufacturer and seller of authentic Nepali kukris with the finest designs and variations in types. We have been supplying our kukris to customers overseas for various purposes like military, utility tools, household kitchen knives, and many more. You can find antique handmade kukris as well as new designs of kukris of western culture. We specialize in manufacturing authentic Nepali handmade kukri. There are a humungous amount of fake sellers and street vendors of kukri in tourist areas in Nepal. You can find a fancy looking, good for decoration types kukri in those shops but they won’t be guaranteed durability and originality. They can be kept in your showcases but won’t come in handy on daily use for sure.

We, Famous Gurkha House as the reputed and genuine manufacturer and seller of handmade kukris have the audacity to provide the best quality handmade kukri every time. We have always a team working for quality assurance and improvement purposes. No kukri is sold without having a proper inspection or unapproved quality. Every kukri from us is guaranteed of the highest quality resources and originality.

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