How to use a Kukri?

Kukri knives are one of the deadliest weapons of all time. It is a weapon designed to kill and has been used for the same for centuries. We are way past those times. But the dangers of self-injury while using one still remain. It has a unique shape than most kitchen knives and swords with a relatively larger head which gives it momentum like that of an axe. You have to learn to carry, hold, and draw it properly. So, if you have a kukri, or you are planning to buy one from Famous Gurkha Kukri House, here is a manual for you.

How to hold a Kukri?

Kukri is held differently when used for different purposes. For utility purposes:
  • Closed fist grip- This grip is suitable for common uses like clearing bushes, chopping wood, cutting branches. Kukri is held in closed fist grip in most forms of fighting and self-defense. This gives the user optimum power while sacrificing finer movements.
  • Closed with bent thumb- This grip comes to play when delicacy is needed. Detailed works like carving and making slices requires the user to bend the thumb close to the handle and use the thumb to control minute movements of the blade.

Carrying a Kukri:

One should always be careful of the dangers when holding a deadly weapon. Kukri is usually carried in a wooden scabbard attached to a belt. The scabbard is rested on the side opposite of your dominant hand at your waist. This ensures a safe withdrawal given that you’re revised in the next step that is-

Pulling out a Kukri from the scabbard:

You start by pressing the scabbard against your body with your non-dominant hand. This gives you the stability to safely withdraw the blade. The length of Kukri should make an angle of approx. 70 degrees with the perpendicular and should be drawn out in a fluent swipe. The pull-out should be towards the front and away from your body.

The theory does a little when it comes to learning how to use a weapon. You have to get on the field and try it. As you are hunting, chopping, and cutting, you’ll find yourself adjusting to the unique center of mass of this knife. That said, it’s definitely wise to look out for the basics.
I hope this article covered that for you. And remember, the spirits of the brave Gurkhalis are
with you!

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