Kukri Blades, Swords, Knives buying Guide - Things to consider

Kukri, also known as Gurkha Blade is a large knife that is similar to a machete that is used for various cutting purposes in Nepal. The Kukri has 3 different parts to their blade. The pointed tip is used for stabbing, a wide midsection is used for chopping, and the narrow area near the handle is used for whittling and carving. The Kukris are commonly used in Central Asia for all general purposes. The kukri is commonly known as knives and can be much more robust than the sword. The swords are long, thin, and flexible. The short blade can be heavier as per inch of length and not getting unwieldy. The sword is a bladed and long weapon that is used for cutting or thrusting purposes. It can be said as the long knife that was used by the warriors in history.
If you are willing to buy Kukris, sword, or knife, you need to consider the following factors:

Blade material:

The blade is the most important factor to be considered while buying the Kukri or sword. They need to stainless and should be resistant to rust. But these are less durable and can lose the sharpness quickly. The carbon steel has high sharpness but it can rust quickly if it is not maintained properly. The kukris that are made of carbon steel are more expensive than others. If you are willing to buy a kukri, you’ll need to buy as per your reason. The saltwater angler Kukri should not be affected by the rust-prone environment. Hence, it must be made up of stainless steel.


The handle of the kukri should have a good grip and should be comfortable to use. Many different traditional knives are made of wood, rubber, and horn. The modern models use materials like F10 and Micarta. If you want to buy a kukri, you should check if the handle is slippery and whether it fits well in the hand. Using the knife in rain can be slippery to use.


The kukri is used for heavy-duty work. It is suggested to select a full tang knife that is durable. The half-tank kukri can break within a short period. The full tang kukri is strong to cut the thick object.

Blade Shape:

The kukri comes in various shapes. The kukri can be used for fine or rough cutting. Some people may use kukri for general purposes such as chopping, slicing, skinning, and gardening. The drop pointed kukri are good for hunting while the machete-shaped are good for chopping.


Sturdy sheath is important that won’t only hold the knife but also help you to secure the blade it is not in use. The kukri varies in the length of the sheath as per the height. The sheath makes it easy for maneuvering. It must hold the blade securely and tightly for safety purposes.

Kukri is regarded as the national weapon in Nepal. It has great importance. Kukri is used for a different purpose. There are different types of kukri found in the Nepali market. Some people like small kukri some may like the big one. However, they must consider the importance and security factors while buying the kukri.

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