Kukri Condor

Named after the black-plumed South-American Condor Vulture, the Condor Kukri symbolizes power and vitality. It is very similar in dimensions to Kukris traditionally made in Nepal. A well-made heavy-duty Condor Kukri feels solid in the hands of anybody who wields it. 

Purposefully built to be extremely durable, the unique construction of a Condor Kukri is superior to a typical machete. In fact, a Condor Kukri Machete is highly-sought after as an all-purpose survival weapon, hunting knife or as a lethal combat knife. While a traditional Kukri has a stick-tang inserted onto the handle, the Condor Kukri is equipped with a full broad tang which makes it stronger than its other Kukri counterparts. It is also very comfortable as the handle is skillfully built for a snug fit, and retains its robust character for decades of use under harsh conditions. Sharpening a Condor Kukri is also very easy as it can be sharpened the same way as a Gurkha Kukri. The Condor Kukri serves a variety of functions and is an ideal collector’s item as well as a fantastic gift item.
There is a lot of confusion among hobbyists and foragers on the price ranges and quality of authentic Condor Kukri and machete in the market. So, in this article, we take a look at the best options available in the market if you are looking for a Condor Kukri knife as a faithful companion.

6-Inch American Eagle Hand-forged Dragon Kukri

This hand-crafted beauty is a proud product of Famous Gurkha Khukuri House. The aesthetic and blade are crafted elegantly. The looks are inspired by Bald American Eagle, and this novelty is very popular among European collectors. The rosewood handle features a full-tang for added strength and durable fit. It resembles a superb Condor Kukri and is superior to its counterparts. The ornate blade flaunts a sleek finish with a beautiful pattern. It also comes with a rose-colored sheath and two small knives- one for use as a small utility knife and the other as a fire-starter. This Khukuri is not only practical for all purposes as a utility item but also as a elegant décor piece. 

The blade is made out of superior quality Carbon steel. It is subjected to a traditionally coveted process called quenching where skilled craftsmen dip the hot blade edge successively. This makes the blade even stronger and prepares it for rough-handling during its lifetime. 

6-Inch Itihas Hand Forged Full Tang Blade Kukris

The combat-ready Itihas Kukri is a one of a league Kukri- inspired by the ones used by the Gurkhas since World War I. This is a slightly true-to-original replica and is a very popular design worldwide. It is a graceful substitute for a Condor machete, and Gurkha soldiers have used Kukris like this one on many battlefronts and as such, this Kukri has valor and pride associated to it.

The Itihas hand-forged Kukri is a 6-inch one and features a full-tang blade. The handle fitted to the Kukris used by Gurkha warriors were uncomfortable and visually less-appealing- so an improved rosewood handle has been utilized for a better grip. The full tang that runs across to the bottom of the handle makes it sturdier and allows for a better fit. The blade itself is made out of high grade Carbon steel. 

10-Inch Gurkha Fighting Kukri

This weapon flaunts a fearsome blade with a beautifully crafted handle and a leather scabbard made out of Water Buffalo skin. It is 10-inch in length and the blade is a balanced one, meaning it can be balanced on just one finger. This Kukri is also in use in many villages where they use it in place of sickles or wood-cutting axes. This is a time-honored Kukri that has been skillfully refined by many generations of artisans, and as such, the present design is very durable and has a sleek finish. It is a humble looking knife, but it is ideally made for combat. It’s easy to grip handle and heavy blade make it a scary weapon. One side of the blade has been made thicker and heavier so that it can be thrust with a huge momentum. This easily causes a lot more damage than a typical Kukri could inflict. The other side is curved slightly with a very sharp edge and makes very deep cuts. It flaunts a perfect balance of deadly momentum and severe cuts, and this makes it an ideal choice for close-range combat. 

11 Inch American Eagle Hand Forged Black Blade Dragon Kukri

This is one of the weapons we are very proud of. This showcases some of our finest craftsmanship. The 11- inch hand-made American Eagle Black Blade Dragon Kukri knife flaunts a staggering attention to detail. It features a glamorous rosewood handle and a Carbon steel blade that fits to the handle via a full tang. This makes it durable than partial tang, and adds to the resilience factor. The handle is also custom-designed with comfort in mind. It fits perfectly into any hands. 
The Kukri sheath, on the outside, is made out of Water buffalo skin and beautiful pinewood on the inside.
This Condor Kukri knife is unique from other Kukris in the appearance of its blade. Upper end of the blade is ridged and this makes it easy to use for making surprise cuts in combat though it can also be commonly used to cut ropes and get some handy work done. 

11-Inch Hand Forged Blade Afghan Blocker Handle Kukri

The 11-inch heavy duty Afghan Blocker Handle Kukri is a beautiful Kukri that features a beautiful rosewood handle and high-quality Carbon steel blade. The fit is a full tang type- leading to strength in the blade-handle joint and sturdier construction. It also features a beautiful leather scabbard made out of Water buffalo skin. 
The Afghan blocker Kukri is different from other Kukris as it has a uniquely shaped blocker that helps grip, and in combat, allows enemies’ blood to drip off the blade without reaching the handle as a sticky handle due to a blood-mess can cause slips while handling the Kukri. This makes for a great Condor knife. This Kukri has found its way into outdoor activities like chopping wood, hunting, foraging and cutting meat. 

There are many more varieties of Condor Kukri at Famous Gurkha Khukuri House that you may choose from. Each Kukri is skillfully made to be a unique and robust weapon as well as a fine specimen of art and will last for a very long time. Included with all purchases is a fantastic Kukri sheath made out of leather on the outside and beautiful wood on the inside. 

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