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Khukuri for sale (Highquality Handmade Gurkha Kukri Knife)

10-Inch Dhankute Engraved Kukri
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The journey from your decision of getting a handmade Kukri knife to digging deep into which models of Kukri are of the highest quality as well as reasonably priced may have been influenced by many things. You may have always wanted to get your hands on the famed Gurkha Kukri knife- infamous for being used as a weapon of revolution and carnage. Or you may simply love how versatile and convenient a Kukri can be in works around the house that require a little dexterity. Curiosity may have led you to hours of research into the exciting world of Kukris and you are now lost in the vast wealth of information that doesn’t seem to help a random person trying to get a cheap Kukri knife to flaunt to your friends! Whichever it may be-a Gurkha Kukri is definitely an investment.
If you look on the web, it’s quite hard to find cheap Kukris for sale that are just as durable and fancy as the expensive ones. At Famous Gurkha Khukuri House, you can choose from a selection of the best yet very affordable Gurkha Kukris for sale. These come in all sorts of shapes and varieties and each Gurkha Kukri is handmade by exceptionally skilled artisans- making them the one of the best budget Kukris from Nepal. This article is written as an authentic guide to help somebody new to Kukris in general and tries to highlight the different flavors of handmade Gurkha Kukris you can go for.

10-Inch Dhankute Engraved Kukri

Crafted with finesse out of exceptional materials, the 10-inch Dhankute Kukri is an unbeatable Kukri at its price. Getting this beauty at the cheap price is almost a steal! As the name implies, this beast of a Kukri is made in Dhankuta village. Workers from Dhankuta village have been making durable weapons for generations, and are famed for their impeccable handmade weaponry. Famous Gurkha Khukuri House has managed to source these directly from the Production- leading to much reduced prices even from a competitive standpoint. Inside the workhouses, craftsmen use the highest quality materials for superior build of the finished product. They have refined their forging and carving methods through decades of trial and errors. All of this meticulous preparation leads to the best Gurkha Kukri knife that you will definitely rejoice to behold. The Dhankute knife flaunts an elegant rosewood handle with a razor-sharp Carbon steel blade. The cold steel blade also has the name of the country of the brave Gurkha- Nepal, and decorative markings. It also comes with two small knives- one for lighting fires and the other for sharpening the Kukri. These two fit well on the beautiful leather scabbard with rosewood on the inside.

The sheath is embellished with national symbols of Nepal- like the crown, court of arms, national bird (Lophophorus), national flower (Rhododendron) and the pride of Gurkha- the Gurkha emblem which is a cross made by two Kukris. These decorations make the Dhankute Kukri distinguishable from other machete or similar looking weapons.
It is suitable for use in many activities ranging from rigorous hunting or chopping wood to just carving blocks of wood. It is, in fact a must-have for any wood artisan. The uniqueness of blade-form and balanced weight distribution is a bonus while carving delicate wood designs.
Apart from the aesthetics, the choice of materials that goes onto the construction is best in quality, and ensures that this Kukri knife will last for a very long time. That, and getting a cheap Kukri as exceptional as this one- is never a bad idea!

Tactical Survival Knife

A refinement over the Gurkha Kukris traditionally made in the Dhankuta village, this handmade tactical survival knife is a novelty item. It is breathtakingly beautiful and is definitely well-suited for everything.
It features a 11-inch fabulous body with an amazing matte-finish handle made out of a combination of bone and wood. The interesting mix of Indian rosewood combined with Water buffalo bone makes for a bold style statement. The blade is made out of refined Carbon steel and fitted onto the handle by a screw tang. The blade handle also has a blocker and a shape that is very easy to grip while working. The blade has a pattern of visually appealing designs on it. The slender lines running across the blade from the tip to the blade handle give it a character, and a distinct feel.
As with a traditional Kukri, it comes with a set of two smaller knives, one used for lighting fires and the other meant to be used as a utility knife. These accessories are handy when camping outdoors or trekking as well. It is meant to be a survival knife but can be an ideal gift idea as well. It can be used for anything that a normal knife can be, and more. It also makes for a cheap Gurkha Kukri to buy, and easy yet a fantastic decor choice for an interior based on hues of a dark color palette.

10-Inch Blade Iraqi Kukri

This Kukri is another one of the stunning designs that craftsmen at Famous Gurkha Khukuri House are very proud of. It is a 10-inch humble Gurkha knife that looks gorgeous. Gurkha troops regularly use Kukris in combat, and every Gurkha warrior gets a Kukri when they train at the military. They carry one with them at all times, and also use Kukris when on dangerous operations. The Iraqi Kukri, as the name hints- has been used by British Gurkha soldiers in the Iraqi Operation. That has made this quite popular with collectors and enthusiasts.
The Iraqi Kukri, since it is meant to serve as a combat knife, is made with the sturdiest materials. The Sadhan handle is a beautiful contrast to the sharp lethal blade affixed on it. The form factor resembles that of a traditional Kukri used by Gurkha ancestors in battlefields during unification of Nepal. To go with the elegant blade, a beautiful scabbard is also provided. The sheath is made on the outside with fabulous Water buffalo leather and features a delicate cotton lining inside.

It is suitable for doing almost anything thanks to its heavy body (heavier than Angkhola Panjawal Kukri). The heavy-duty body of this handmade Gurkha Kukri lends itself well at inflicting a lot of damage even under minimal effort. It is, in fact, a combat knife- so it is primarily ideal for fighting but since that is a scenario everybody isn’t likely to face, the Iraqi Kukri can be used in day to day works as well.  It can be used to chop furniture, carve, chop, slice, dice, forage, and do just about anything. It may come as a surprise that many homes in Nepal used to have custom Gurkha Kukri as cooking knives. It was believed that a Kukri drawn from the scabbard must draw some blood, and as such some homes do not use it regularly but others did. Don’t worry- for it’s just a belief associated with the blood-filled history associated with the Kukri- probably!

 12-Inch Woodcutting Axe

This is probably one of the most unique Gurkha Kukris out there. The deadly shape of the blade and handle makes it look almost like a reaper’s scythe. The stunning slender form factor is a win not only with hobbyists and collectors, but also with serious weapon-enthusiasts that love to have a unique tool that is fit for any kind of job. It features a rosewood handle with beautiful inlays and an extremely sharp blade made out of refined Carbon steel. Thanks to the curved blade shape, it can easily make deep cuts. Despite of its slim and sleek form factor, it is quite heavy-duty and capable of dealing devastating blows.

The 12-inch Woodcutting beast is forged with balanced water tempering process, which makes it even stronger. It leads itself well to being used as a regular knife, woodchopping axe or a survival toolkit. It also comes with a beautiful leather sheath to keep it tucked away and safe. The sheath is made on the outside with luxurious Water buffalo skin and the inside is made out of rosewood- leading to a refined overall finish. There isn’t really much to say about the cold steel Gurkha axe other than the fact that- this looks stunning and is would make a charming decor item as well as your go-to hunting tool.
The handmade wood-cutting axe is unlike any other you will find anywhere else, and is certainly quite a delight to look at. While perfectly serving its function, it is anything but traditional. It is definitely one of coolest custom Gurkha Kukris at Famous Gurkha Khukuri House.

 Plain Kukri with traditional design

Looking for a playful knife? This piece of art- named plain Kukri is ironically anything but plain or traditional.
It features a breathtakingly beautiful blade that hints at elegance. This Kukri knife is purposefull built to be different to the cold steel Gurkha knife, and be distinguishable as a cheap yet an amazing handmade Gurkha knife in its own right. It is definitely crafted with meticulous attention to detail, and  is a nod to the talented artists at Famous Gurkha Khukuri House.

The beautiful rosewood handle perfectly compliments the sleek blade form. The high-grade Carbon steel blade has a very minimalist look to it and isn’t decorated with hasty patterns. It is elegantly decorated with perfect strokes. The curves on the blade look perfect and we don’t even need to convince you that the Kukri is beautiful- it’s clearly very obvious.

The Gurkha Kukri has a modern feel to it but it is definitely made using traditional forging methods. The blade and the handle are skilfully held in place by the traditional wood glue- Laha. It also features a snug scabbard that houses the blade perfectly. The sheath is made up of quality Water buffalo leather on the outside and pinewood on the inside.
It is the best choice for folks with an eye for playful and classy Kukri to add to their collection.
No matter what your preference is, handmade Gurkha Kukris from Famous Gurkha Khukuri House will definitely satisfy your piqued interest and leave you fully satisfied with the purchase of your choice.

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