Explaining someone what exactly a Kukri(Khukuri, kukri knife) is using analogy of similar items is a very tough task. This is primarily because Kukri is very unique to itself and also for the fact that kukri possess various features from different similar products.
Though originally kukri is thought to have evolved from domestic sickles and hunting sticks, Khukri was primarily designed to be an efficient and deadly battle weapon. Basically, kukri is cutting / hacking / slicing / chopping tool that has an inwardly curved, one sided blade and probably can be most closely related to a machete. The inward curve design also gives kukri a top-heavy built allowing the kukri user to deliver the blow with much larger thrust
and power.
With a relatively smaller size, sharp blade and pointed tip, a kukri knife borrows features from a knife and makes it an ideal slicing or even fighting tool. Some kukri are designed to be quite longer than the average ones and thus can be taken as a complement to a sword due to the sharp blade that kukri possesses. Though one side of the blade of a kukri  is razor sharp, the other side of the blade of the kukri is designed to be pretty thick – yielding a one-side-heavy wedge shaped blade design. Because of such heavy and wedge shaped design, kukri is a perfect chopping tool to hack through woods – similar to an axe.
As mentioned above, a kukri bears closest resemblance to a machete. Machetes are tools which intentionally push the balance point out, away from the hand. Machetes are not designed to parry. Instead, moving the balance further out focuses on increasing power.

On this ground, the kukri is quite identical to a machete which has been redesigned for combat. kukri is not designed to parry like a sword, but to destroy an opponent in a few devastating attacks before they have a chance to respond back to the kukri holder.

On the other hand, authentic kukri are made of high-grade steel. Thus a kukri bears unmatched strength and durability and packs a lot of power and weight within it. So despite matching a lot of resemblance with a machete, kukri serves the purpose even better for heavy-duty activities.
All in all, kukri is a very unique and versatile cutting tool that incorporates different features from various other similar tools that sets kukri apart rather as a multi-purpose tool.

kukri started as a battle weapon for the legendary Gurkha troops from the hilly region of Nepal. It was with the help of the kukri knife-carrying Gurkha army that the then king of Gorkha successfully embarked on to unify the divided states into the modern day Nepal. Later, kukri was introduced to the western world when the Nepalese army skillfully used it against the invading British army and stopped them skillfully with the help of the kukri.

Nowadays, the fame of kukri has spread all around the world. While kukri is an inseparable part of service weapon for the Nepalese army and police, Gurkha regiments around the globe such as British Gurkha, Indian Gurkha, Singapore Police, etc. are also always equipped with this feared battle weapon – the kukri.

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