Most Popular Nepalese Kukris: Specialty and Worth

Kukri is regarded as the national weapon and utility knife that is used by people in Nepal. It is an integral part of Nepalese culture. It holds a unique place in Nepali culture which is more than just an elegant example of craftsmanship. It is the symbol of national pride and valor in battle and also personal bravery. It is the sign of Gurkhas. It has a distinct recurve in the blade which is used as a tool or weapon for cutting and chopping. In the ancient period, it was traditionally used by the Gurkhas. It often appears in Nepalese and is used in many traditional rites such as wedding ceremonies. It is more than just a weapon for Nepalese people. It serves as a role in peacetime, and it is also used as a knife and working tool in the Nepalese Society.

We offer the best quality kukri product for our customers at the best prices. We have varieties of kukri products. Those are affordable and genuine. We have the most popular kukri in Nepal. We offer the Gurkha Optional Jungle kukri knife is widely used by the Gurkha troops. The Kydex Sheath which is also known as Modern Kukri Scabbard is a good replacer for the traditional kukri which is better for handling and durability. It is waterproof and is easy to carry from one place to another. Gurkha Server no. 1 Kukri is the standard kukri of British Gurkhas. It is also known as the parade knife. Another kukri is a multi-wear conceal blade which has a concealed blade and a long neck. Biltong Advanced Kukri is made up of high carbon steel which is a bit small in size that fits in hand. We also have a  small pocket kukri which is easy to carry from one place to another. The Afghan Kukris are those that were used by the soldiers while serving in Afghanistan. These are a bit big with a sharp blade. The modern era kukri is seemed to be of a new look and is innovative.

There are different kukris as per the customer’s need. They all vary as per their size and thickness. Some are small in size and are easy to carry in the pocket while some are big. All those symbolize the historical importance of Gurkhas. They are carefully selected based on their popularity, sales, queries, and reviews. This kukri has its specialty and importance. They all have historical importance in our country.

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