Traditional kukri in Nepal

Kukri, habitually called Khukuri, is a category of machete developed from Indian Subcontinent, primarily connected to Gurkhas and Kiratis residing in various parts of Nepal. Kukri has a clear-cut sharp arch in its blade. It functions for multiple purposes from its vital role in wars to regular usage. The weapon has served Gurkhas as the basic utility tool for a length of time. Kukri is also the national weapon of Nepal. Kukri is a crucial part of all Gurkha Military regiments and numerous military services across the globe. 
In this article, we discuss on some traditional kukri knives available in Nepal along with their features, manufacturing process, price and much more. If you are looking to buy best-priced and quality kukri knives, do check out Famous Gurkha Kukri House. Let’s get started.


Handmade Buff Head kukri locally named Gadhimai is one of the largest kukris available in Nepal. Its gigantic size and ferocious looks attract most kukri lovers. The full flat grinded blade panel of 36 inches in length and around 12 Inches long handle provides a great impression. 
The handle is made of Rosewood and the sheath is made up of Water Buffalo’s skin leather and some portion of the wood. This type of kukri weighs approximately 6 kilograms. Its price is about 399$. 


Being one of the very sharp-bladed kukris, Raw Hand forged village kukri has ruled the heart of kukri lovers. This kukri has multiple features such as; easy to carry, light-weighted, precise on target, affordable price range, and so on. 7 Inches Length, 8 mm thick super sharp blade and 4.5 Inches of the handle makes it handy, comfortable to carry, and easy to use. This kukri comes with a black leather sheath. Its overall weight is around 550 grams. 
This famous weapon comes under 65$. 


Machete-sized kukri commonly uttered as Chitlange, and is originated from a rural village of mid-Nepal Chitlang, which is famous for kukris. This large and sharp classy-looking weapon belongs to Chainpure family (Another popular kukri brand of Nepal). The 15 Inches long iron blade is designed to get a larger coverage while cutting. 6 Inches long handle of Indian Rosewood attached to it helps on holding Chitlange easily. Also, this weapon comes along with a black leather sheath. Its price is approximately 135$. 


Chainpure, just named after a village Chainpur, popular for kukris is a light, handy and renowned kukri. This kukri has broken the traditional stereotype of kukris. Its notch is modified in the shape of cow hoof. Chainpure carries 650 grams of small weight. It is manufactured with 2 other handy multipurpose knives called Karda and Chakmak. It is made of Full flat super sharp blade and a fully polished wooden handle. For ease to carrying, it is provided with a sheath made of leather of water buffalo’s skin. You can own it in just 60$. 


One of the most popular kukris among Nepalese and throughout the globe is Bhojpure kukri. It has governed the heart of people for a length of time. This very sharp and easy kukri is originated from a small village in far eastern Nepal. The blade of this kukri is made of high carbon steel and is of 10 Inches long in its broader side of blade. Its handle is made of rosewood and aluminum rivet and is covered with brass. 
The sheath is made from Simal (Bombax ceiba) wood and refined water buffalo skin leather in such a traditional way that the weapon looks very classy.  Bhojpure weighs only 750 grams. It costs around $59 only. 


Sirupate kukri also counts among the best sharp kukris. The word sirupate is extracted from the name of a plant called siru. Siru is generally found in hilly regions of Nepal which leaf is called paat. Thence the name Sirupate remained as a traditional and trustworthy weapon for daily purposes and is also reliable for survival. This 900 grams heavy kukri has the blade of highly graded carbon steel and a size of 12 Inches. 5.5 Inches long rosewood and copper rivet give comfort to use and carry. 
In ease for keeping, a water buffalo skin leather and wood mixed sheath is provided along this kukri. This kukri of traditional value in Nepal comes under the range of $115.


The traditional Malla kukri is a reproduction of an ancient kukri which was excavated from the Gorkhas floor and was identified by HMG Archeological Society Nepal. It is the perfect replica of the kukris used in Malla’s regime. This sharp kukri is the combination of 14 Inches long blade of high carbon steel and the handle of rose wood and pipal ( a kid of fig tree). It weighs 845 grams. In order to carry it easily, a unique type of sheath made of goat skin leather is provided with this traditional weapon. This kukri has the price of $119. 


Old Rana Kukri is enlisted here because of his traditional and historical background. It used to be an essential part of the Rana warriors (time of rana regime) for survival, war and hunting purposes. The blade of this kukri is very sharp and the target cut is precise. It has the weight of 1470 grams. Blade size of 16 Inches and 6 Inches of rosewood and aluminum rivet handle gives very attractive and fierce looks at the same time. The sheath of Old Rana kukri is made by wood and water buffalo skin leather. 


Kukris can be used as handy weapon and a survival tool. History speaks itself, Kukris once terrorized the mighty European forces. Especially the kukris from Southern Asia, to be precise: from Nepal are widely famous. Kukris used by the brave Gurkhas are still remembered and honored. Kukri is a sign of warrior, and at the same time it is an easy and comfortable weapon essential for livelihoods.
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