Usage of Gurkha Kukri

Strong, Unique, Beautiful, Deadly are some of the adjectives commonly used to describe the iconic Gurkha Kukri. The uses of such vast array of adjectives clearly suggest the versatile usage of this majestic knife. What started as a service weapon issued to the legendary Gurkha army, Kukri now has also become an integral part of the daily household utilities in almost every home in Nepal. While the History of Kukri dates back to many centuries, the popularity and demand of the Ghurkha Kukri made in Nepal has spread all over the world in the recent years.
Some of the most common usage of Gurkha kukri are as discussed ahead:

Battle Weapon

Though hand to hand battle is no more a part of the modern day warfare, kukri is still a basic part of the personal service weapons issued to the Nepalese army. Apart from the army, kukri is also issued to the Nepal police as well as the Armed Police Force of Nepal. Apart from that, Khuri is one of the primary personal weapons issued to all the Gurkha Regiments serving for various countries around the world including the British Army, Indian Army, Singapore police and more.

Given the unparalleled strength, shape and weight of the Gurkha kukri, it is one of the most convenient tools to use for hacking or cutting through different hard surfaces. While it also acts as axe in most occasions, it is the extra length of its top heavy blade which gives kukri the added advantage when it comes to cutting or chopping. Apart from cutting down wooden logs for firewood, kukri is commonly used for beheading animals for food or sacrifice and even hunting games.


Another unique feature of kukri that sets itself apart from any other knives is the fact that it can serve the purpose of hacking as well as slicing. Rarely do any other knives serve both these purposes and more importantly – in such an efficient manner. The curvy design and the sharp blade that runs through the kukri allows it to delicately slice through surfaces such as meat, vegetables, undergrowths in gardens and more.

Ultimate Survival Tool

Hiking, Camping, Jungle Safari or any other instances where you might need to get into the survival mode – kukri can be the godsend "Ultimate Survival Tool" and be the difference between life and death. While you may be tempted to carry a pocket knife for such occasions given its efficient portability, those pocket knives can hardly get you through the tough woods that you might need to hack through to create a shelter for yourself. On the other hand, because of their size and weight, larger and stronger knives like axes can rather be burden to carry around than blessing in such survival situations.

That is where its unique design and make sets the famed kukri apart from any other relative knives. While it posses the strengths and weight needed to get through the larger tasks such as building shelters and hacking logs, the sharp edge handy size will also see through much delicate tasks such as skinning games or slicing foods. All at the same time, it can easily be carried around with your belt running through its scabbard and you'll hardly feel its weight on you.


The beautiful and elegant design backed by its illustrious history and sometimes almost mythical stories it carries, an authentic Gurkha kukri also serves as the perfect Showpiece to add to your display of prized collections in your living room. kukris these days available in a wide range of designs, shapes, decorations and prices from which you can choose the one that best suits your taste. While you can either visit the stores of authentic Gurkha kukri sellers in Kathmandu or go through their online catalogs, some of the sellers also offer customized kukri production to match your exact requirements. There are many things to consider while buying a Gurkha Kukri in Nepal.

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