Why does the kukri’s blade curve inwards?

Kukri is one of the deadliest weapons of all time. The multipurpose blade is unique in shape and crafted with an intention to make it useful in all situations. Many weapon enthusiasts and bladesmiths have always wondered why the Kukri is so uniquely shaped with an inward curved blade.
So why does the Kukri’s blade curve inwards? In this article, we answer that question. Let’s get started.

Effective in Fights

A genuine Gurkha Kukri has an inward curved blade. To some westerners who are unknown with the weapon, it may look inconvenient at first sight. However, the curve has amazing benefits when it comes to combat.
The curved shape of the blade creates a special effect while slashing called ‘wedge.’ It enables the weapon to cut effectively and deeper. As we know when we strike out an opponent with the weapon, the point that makes the most contact is from middle to the top. The kukri blade is heavy on the side where it comes in contact with its prey. As the tip of the weapon bends towards the enemy, it executes a chopping motion without bending our wrist. With other traditional weapons like sword and saber, the user must bend their wrist to chop and slice effectively. To minimize the effort and slay enemies quickly and effectively, the kukri blades are curved inwards.
To answer it scientifically, the kukri blade uses the redistribution of mass. As the blade is heavier in the tip portion, it provides it with greater momentum as the center of mass is shifted towards the heavier side. This allows the blade to strike with a greater force and make lethal injuries to the one in receiving end.

The inward curve adds to the utility of the weapon

As we know, Kukri was not created just for war. It is a multipurpose machete that is equally useful in survival and household. The inward curve adds to the momentum of the blade by shifting all the weight towards the tip when swinging. This gives the Kukri additional power and makes it function like an axe. If you compare Kukri with a kitchen knife, you’ll be shocked with the results. For example, a regular kitchen knife with even surface area across the blade can’t generate much power like that of Kukri even if the blades have the same raw weight. This is because of the construction of the blade which endows it more power and chopping force.
Moreover, since the blade is smaller in the handle side due to the inward cure, it adds even more to the utility. The narrow side can be used as a small blade for delicate works.


Many experts and weapon smiths have confessed in the past that the Kukri blade is one of the most superiorly designed machete. The usefulness it provides and its deadly power cannot be simply overlooked. All these things combined with the history of the blade and its majestic looks, we can conclude that Kukri is one of its kind. 

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