Wouldn't you want to be remembered for gifting something special, and something that your loved one could remember you by? Have you been guilty of splurging on a lot of tidbits, but a dozen gifts you got don't seem to be original enough? Struggling to buy something that lasts a long time, but has very little saved up? 
You, my friend, have come to the right place.
It may sound odd to you, but  Kukri is an excellent gift idea. Of course, it doesn't quite beat a warm hug with a key to a Mercedes, it is close. 
Pretty close. 
It beats those cheesy cards full of copy-pasted flattery or cliché pre-wrapped idea of 'gifts' by a lot.
This short article is an attempt at pointing out why Kukri is a great choice as a Souvenir Gift to your special one, or to somebody you'd like to have great relations with in the future, and how you can make the best of this gift. 

Kukri has long been a symbol of unwavering determination and fierce bravery, even when the enemy forces outnumber you. A force to be reckoned with, it has a long history of striking fear in the hearts of those who happen to be unfortunate enough to be on the battlefield against Gurkha troops. It is widely known that it is a lethal weapon in combat. However, it is not merely a vessel of instilling fear in others- it is also a symbol of hope and determination.

The exquisite Kukri has a rather interesting part in wars and bloodsheds throughout history. Be it in the battlefields fought by Gurkha, or during the Spanish revolts, or in battles fought in the form of its less-familiar avatar from the West- machete, it has been passionately used to overcome struggles.  
Everybody experiences hardships in their journey of life, and everybody feels lost sometimes. If somebody is feeling down, what they need is a helping hand so they know you are supportive of them in their dark times. A kukri doesn't have to be pricy enough to break your bank; even the plain one to remind them of how people in the past have struggled through their hardships and rose above it, with a note saying how you wish for them to be brave through it all *will* definitely do the trick.

A rainy evening you have friends with you who are thinking of ways to kill the boredom.
Suddenly, one of your friends notices an antique-looking object on your rack and asks you what it's about. 
Talk about a conversation topic! 
Each Kukri at Famous Gurkha Kukri House is hand-made and receives meticulous attention to every detail. To an art connoisseur, it is a fascinating object that excites imagination and creativity. Who knows, every mark of Kukri is probably engraved in verse-less shards of timeless mystery. 
As such, it's no surprise that Kukri has a special place in contemporary literature as well. 

An ornate Kukri at Famous Gurkha Kukri House is not only a symbol of the Gurkha pride but also a way for humble and passionate artists to flaunt their awesome craftsmanship. The artistry and skill of artisans are embedded, quenched in the designs of the blade, and embued with a sense of class and nobility.

With a hand-forged and hand-crafted piece of art like Kukri, you simply can't go wrong with the decor. Place it on a rack or hang it by the Sarangi (Sarangi is a folk musical instrument) to whimsically flaunt to your guests, you are sure to get a few too many queries. 

A Kukri wouldn't be very appropriate for a child; in fact, it shouldn't be in a place reachable by children- as an unsheathed Kukri has a very sharp edge and a carefree child might just cut themselves, and quite badly at that. That doesn't mean the child should always keep the child at bay. A proper way to ensure that your child broadens his horizons is by exposing her to new experiences. A Kukri that she can see every day, and knows is dangerous, can instill curiosity in her bright mind.

Young minds are impressionable, and showing her the wonders that indulging in history could very well help her develop an innate interest in history. What better way is there, than to learn and teach history- than by holding a relic of the past, in your very own hands?
Not to mention, cherished moments like this would probably be something for her to remember you by. 

A kukri can be an entertainer sometimes. It doesn't always have to be the dark evil-incarnate horcrux of bloodsheds. You can always take one out for spins on a Halloween or a costume-party. You could flaunt your kukri from cultural programs to tiktok videos.  YouTube, Vlogs, Foraging, Mowing the grass, Self-defense (a little far-fetched, but
you certainly should be prepared), it has so many usability that it wouldn’t be a mistake to call it an all-rounder.

KUKRI IS A PRIDE OF NEPAL, and an excellent item to be remembered by. It is a not regalia of strength and pride, but also an inspiring art to never give up. 

Not only is Kukri a great gift-idea due to its symbolic meaning and it sparking curiosity in the minds of those who happen to see it, it's practically quite indestructible (at least for as long as you live!) if you use it for what it's intended. What's more- there doesn't need to be an occasion to gift yourself a tiny sheathed bundle of happiness.

So if you want to gift something that would secure your memories with the receiver and something that could also keep your loved ones safe, a Kukri is a perfect choice for you. Feel free to check out the myriad of this exquisite weapon available in all shapes and sizes on Famous Gurkha Kukri House.

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