Authentic Gurkha khukuri and Nepali khukuri Maker

Are you looking for the top Authentic Gurkha Khukuri and Nepali  Khukuri Maker in Nepal? Maybe you want to buy the Best Kukri Knife and harrowed by the plethora of choices, or maybe you are just curious about the Gurkha Kukri Knife that curbed the mighty-armed forces in world war. Well, you have come to the right place. At FAMOUS GURKHA KUKRI HOUSE, we have the best weapon smiths who have been producing premium Kukris for about two decades. Constructed with flawless steel and skill, our Kukri Blades are highly demanded nationally and internationally.

GURKHA BLADES ARE HEAVY because they carry the weight of history. They are one of the first deadly blades that go before centuries. It is an honor for anyone to carry this majestic blade. Maybe that’s why kukri blades are so loved among collectors and users equally.


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