Famous Gurkha Khukuri House provides kukris with premium quality metal, unique designs, and a long-lasting lifetime. Our all kukri models are handmade by our trusted workers with modern touch and designs. We assure guaranteed quality and product that goes to the customers' hands after vigorously testing by our experts.
Our wide and modernizing variety of collections aims to satisfy the needs and dream designs of innovative customers and kukri lovers. To meet the growing demand for high-quality hand-forged blades we have been uniform, popular, inexpensive suppliers of kukris to local customers as well as in the international market.

A heavy sales offer for the original kukris of Nepal is ongoing on our online site. So, don’t miss this golden opportunity of getting authentic kukris for decent prices. Various categories and models of authentic Nepali original kukri are on sales offer, you don’t need to ask for a discount anymore. knife has an exceptional, remarkable, and individual distinctive feature, unlimited usage options, and applications that have also contributed to its listing. We hope this grouping will make your selection unchallenging, uncomplicated, and less time-consuming. Please enjoy these phenomenal, magnificent hand-made kukri knives at rock bottom prices.

Are you looking for the top Authentic Gurkha Khukuri and Nepali Khukuri Maker in Nepal? Maybe you want to buy the Best Khukuri  Knife and harrowed by the plethora of choices, or maybe you are just curious about the Gurkha Kukri Knife that curbed the mighty-armed forces in world war. Well, you have come to the right place. At FAMOUS GURKHA KhukurI HOUSE, we have the best weapon smiths who have been producing premium Kukris for about two decades. Constructed with flawless steel and skill, our Kukri Blades are highly demanded nationally and internationally.We feel extremely grateful, glorious to provide affirmed and certified handmade kukris of all types for all functions and desires to our valued customers. Among many other kukri makers, sellers, dealers, and competitors the Famous Gurkha Kukri House not only sales but also shares information and helps you pick out the best as per your needs and requirements.

GURKHA BLADES ARE HEAVY because they carry the weight of history. They are one of the first deadly blades that go before centuries. It is an honor for anyone to carry this majestic blade. Maybe that’s why kukri blades are so loved among collectors and users equally.

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