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Best Kukri knives from Nepal

Kukri  has long been a symbol of unwavering determination and fierce bravery, even when the enemy forces outnumber you. A force to be reckoned with, it has a long history of striking fear in the hearts of those who happen to be unfortunate enough to be on the battlefield against Gurkha troops. It evokes a sense of pride in the hearts of those who are a part of its glorious heritage and is widely known that it is a lethal weapon in combat. However, it is not merely a vessel of instilling fear in others- it is also a symbol of hope and determination.

The iconic Kukri comes in many shapes and sizes; the actual dimensions usually depend on the purpose of use. Some have straight blades that make slashing easier while others have a curved blade that allows deeper cuts. The material used in the actual construction of the handle also differs- wood is traditionally used for combat in battlefields, and glossy bone ones primarily for decoration as a momento of heritage or a symbol of pride and determination. There are also Kukris like Palpali, Dharane, etc, depending on the locality of make. Owing to the rich history of its documented use by the troops of Gurkha, it's no surprise that the Kukris from Nepal are deemed to be the best ones of their kind. This article is a short read about the best Kukri knives from Nepal.

In terms of elegance, this Kukri with a noble outlook is definitely a winner here! It's a no-brainer that the value of a Kukri depends entirely on the quality of craftsmanship. This custom-made beautiful piece of art is a Kukri that is superior in utility to other common ones found as it is built by very skilled and passionate artisans who take their work very seriously.
The process involves the use of traditionally available and sustainably sourced materials glued by Laha (traditional glue). It features a high-grade Carbon steel blade crafted with superb precision, a hand-made handle that just adds a sleeker profile to the build, and the beautifully crafted scabbard made out of Pinewood, finished with Water buffalo leather with a simple yet classy design - it's probably one of the best as it gets in the price range.


This stunning Kukri from Dharan is one of the most selling kukris in Nepal. It has a blade size of six inches (15.24cm), and comes with a beautiful Rosewood Full Tang D-Guard Blocker Handle.
 The hardness of the steel is spine=22-25 RC, belly=45-46 RC, edge=54-55 RC.  High- Grade Carbon Steel has been used for the blade. Pinewood has been used for the inside of Scabbard and traditionally processed Water-buffalo leather has been used for the outside. Rosewood and water-buffalo bone have been used, with traditional Laha used as a binding material.
It holds up for decades and is way stronger than it looks. As it has a double edge, it can be used for chopping wood or hunting and just about anything else.

As its name suggests, this Kukri is a 10-inch hand-made at Famous Gurkha Khukuri House, Dharan. This Kukri boasts a very durable and authentic reproduction of the Kukri make used in the British Gurkha Iraqi Operation with a custom blocker and a gripper handle. It features a beautiful Sadhan handle and cotton scabbard covered with extremely durable Water buffalo leather.
It is a heavy Kukri, heavier than Panjawal Angkhola Kukri, and can be used to do tasking woodworks and any work that would otherwise take a toll on the blade. 


In addition to being very durable, this Kukri has one of the finest blade and scabbards designs. It has been constructed with the best quality materials- ensuring a very long life of the elegant Kukri. It is one of the best-in-line products at Famous Gurkha Khukuri House. The 10″ knife-edge is made of high-grade Carbon steel and handles made out of Indian Rosewood. The sheath is made of water-buffalo leather. Crafted with absolute finesse, this beautiful piece of art is sure to turn heads in your way!   

An authentic product of Famous Gurkha Khukuri House, this beautiful craft is made by skilled craftsmen at Dhankuta village. It features a rose-wood scabbard delicately decorated with national symbols like a crown, the national bird of Nepal (Danfe), Rhododendron (national flower), and Gurkha emblem (Kukri cross). Crafted out of high-graded Carbon steel, this Kukri is made to last. It can be used for all kinds of work on a day-to-day basis, and obviously, it can be used for decoration due to the unique and iconic designs.

The lethal kukri-type axe is one of the best hand-made axes from Nepal. Featuring high-graded Carbon Steel, its heavy strikes can be used to chop anything. This knife is a handmade blade. The 12-inch blade is made with a balanced water-tempering process. It comes with a refined leather sheath.

The 11-inch Afghan Kukri from Famous Gurkha Khukuri House is one of the best Kukri knife from Nepal. Made out of high-grade carbon steel, the 11-inch blade has a full tang with a blocker handle. It flaunts a rosewood handle and an elegant Water buffalo-skin scabbard. The construction is binded in place by Laha. This Kukri can be used to chop wood-cut meat. It can also be used as a trekkers' versatile knife as well.


The overall form of balanced kukri is quite similar to Angkhola kukri but the tip of balanced Kukri with the channel is fashioned differently. It is also popular as Budhune kukri. Owing to the fact that it is one of the oldest Kukri knives in Nepal, Famous Gurkha Khukuri House takes utmost care in determining that the balanced Kukri is of amazing finish and utility. It can be helpful in all forms of manual work as it is extremely durable and comfortable to use.

It features high-grade Carbon Steel, Water Buffalo Leather for Scabbard(outside), beautiful rosewood as handle, pinewood for the scabbard (inside), Laha (traditional Glue) as the binder.
This kukri gets its name from the fact that a well-made Kukri can be balanced on its scabbard without touching its blade or handle. It can also be used for decoration.

Khukuri Price In Nepal Though the value of the legacies, emotions, arts, and history associated with the legendary Gurkha Kukri cannot be easily quantified, each Kukri does come with its own price. The price of a Khukuri(kukri) can range anywhere from $10 to over $500. So while exploring through the vast selections of available kukris in the market, there are various factors that need to be taken into account to know if that particular kukri is worth paying the price as stated.
Below are some of the key factors that determine the price of the Kukri:

  • Materials Used:

One of the most important factors that affect the khukuri price in Nepal is the materials used to make it. Though mostly steel is used to make Khukris, it is the grade of the steel that determines the ultimate strength and durability of the Khukri. In cheaper versions of Kukris – also known as “Tourist Khukri” as they are primarily used as a showpiece, aluminum is rather used to make kukris than steel.

material used to kake a kukri

  • Blacksmith:

Authentic Gurkha Khukris are made in the hilly regions of Nepal by a limited number of skilled blacksmiths called Kami (Bishwokarma) who have inherited the prized knowledge of Khukri making from their forefathers over the centuries. So the numbers of highly skilled and experienced blacksmiths who make the Kukris are very limited and thus prices of the Khukuris vary according to the skills of such blacksmiths.


  • Handle and Scabbard:

Not only the Khukri blade, but the materials used in other parts of the Kukri also determine the price of the Kukri itself. Parts such as handles and scabbards are made out of different kinds of materials such as wood, leather, animal bones, stones, and metals, and the kukri prices are set according to the different materials used.


  • Design & Artworks:

Khukri is not only a weapon or a tool but also a masterpiece of art. The majestic beauty that lies in its basic design and the detailed artworks featured on it can drastically change the price of the Kukri itself. Such designs and artworks can appear in the blade, handle or the scabbard that holds the kukri and the quantity and quality of such artworks will determine the price of such Khukris.


  • Size:

Obviously, the size of the Khukri has a huge role in determining the Khukri’s price. The sizes of kukri can vary from as small as almost the size of a pocket knife to over 1 meter long kukris. Thus it will be a wise idea to match the size of the Kukri with the size of the pocket you’re willing to empty for it.

       small size kukribig size kukri

  • Purpose / Comfort:

While some Khukris might be used for heavy-duty cutting, others might spend their life sitting in a showcase and some might hang on the wall of the living room. Each of the Khukris is made with its specific purpose. How well the Kukri fulfills its actual purpose determines its final price. At the same time – relatively cheaper kukris can be easily identified just by its feel and how well you can maneuver it with your hand and how comfortable the grip and handling feel.

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